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               OF FEF

Lilac  Tri

CHICO is awesome! He is a very nice Lilac Tri color import from England. Excited to have him in the FEF Family. This Male was presented to me by Mr. Hawes CEO of North Carolina Bullies. Thanks for allowing Chico to spice up the He's DOPE! Ready for Studding out. Chico's stud fee is $1500.

                       At/at d/d co/co Em/E ky/ky NS 

MALES: Adoption

      RK'S MAD MOUSE           "MIGHTY SMALLS"

                OF FEF

Cocoa Tri

We are so proud to present this very stunning specimen of a male. Ladies and Gents, yours truly, RK's Mighty Smalls!

Miss Lola Vutton X OnlyFans knocked it out the park with this kid! He's a small, compact cocoa Tri double Intensity, Fluffy carrying CUTIE! Stud fee 2K.

                    At/a D/d co/co Em/e ky/ky L/l i/i 

MALES: Adoption
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